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09 May 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Jane does not want to work

I have been a very active Church member since my youth, like I have mentioned before.  As a result, most of my friends were people I had met within church circles. One of them was Jane and we were quite close.

Jane used to be a maid but lost her job one time. She said it was because her boss’ husband had been propositioning her for a relationship but she refused. Apparently this started causing tension between Jane and the man so much that she feared his wife would find out about the man’s miscellaneous behaviour. As a result, Jane decided to stop working but had nowhere to go as her family lived out of town. Instead, she asked if she could stay with me for a few days while looking for another job.

Luck was on Jane’s side as on her frist day at my home, another friend of mine, Elizabeth, told me that her sister was look for a maid. I told her that Jane was available and could start immediately. An interview was arranged for the next day. When I came home, Jane was not there and my maid told me that she had left home around 8.00 am had not been back.  Jane came back around 8.00 pm. She therefore, missed her interview.  We rescheduled for the next day and the same thing happened. Jane had all sorts of excuses.

Finally, my maid confided in me that Jane had said she did not want to work but go to Bible school. I could not believe it! I asked Jane if the story was true and she said it was. Apparently, she wanted to work for the Lord so she had to go to Bible college. I asked her when the school started and where she expected to be staying in the meantime.  She said school started in a few months time and she would be staying with me until then.  I told her that I do not encourage laziness so she would have to find another place to live because she should not expect me to pay for her living expenses.  She left within a week.  Unfortunately, her dream did not come to pass as she had to get a job since she needed to pay for her own livelihood and that of her son who was being taken care of by her mother.

Jane’s dream of Bible college was a noble one, but was it achievable in her circumstances?  Personally, I think she should have been working while taking part time classes and not drop work and expect to be taken care of along with her son.  Her situation reminds me that there are times when we should let a dream die for the mean time and then resurrect it when the time is right and ripe.

I still do not believe in looking after someone who does not want to work when there is nothing wrong with them and there a plenty of jobs out there. 

What would you do if you were in my shoes?

One Response

  1. Phil 14 May 2012 20:04 Permalink

    You rock! I am tired of people wanting a free ride because they are doing something “noble”. I believe providing for your family and not being a burden on others is “noble” and worthy of respect as well. The icing on the cake was the lack of plain talk and openness on her real agenda. As a Christian myself, I tire of such attitudes and am encouraged to hear you speak the truth to her about her laziness and responsibility to her son.

    You did the right thing. When they can solve their own problems, but would rather someone else solved them instead, they should be told the truth.